In an exclusive interview with Big Boy for the Untold Stories of Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather himself delved into the strained relationship between him and Death Row labelmate Tupac Shakur in the months leading up to his untimely demise in September 1996.

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He says he and ‘Pac were on good terms the week before his death, but the public comments made about Puff Daddy and Biggie made things more complicated for the Long Beach newcomer.

“Man, I’d say a week before he died, we was best of friends. Two days before he died, I don’t think he liked me,” Snoop said. “Because we was in New York and shit had happened. New York n-ggas had shot at me and did all kinds of shit to me, just the worst shit you could think of, and I forgave ’em.”


Snoop added, “Then I went and did an interview and was asked how did I feel about Puffy and Biggie. I was like, ‘I like them n-ggas, I wanna do some music with ’em. And that just rubbed cuz the wrong way, like, ‘N-gga, fuck them n-ggas, them n-ggas tried to kill me. N-ggas shot at you, and you talking about you wanna do a song with them n-ggas?’”

“Even when he played the video for me to ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ even when he played ‘Hit ‘Em Up,’ the song, I didn’t like the song,” he said. “I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the shit. It wasn’t the shit to me. Like, you buying more problems, cuh. You buying problems. Gangstas is everywhere. They make ’em everywhere.”

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