Doja Cat is speaking out about how she feels about losing her verified blue check on Twitter. Elon Musk announced the removal of verification badges from legacy accounts not interested in forking over $8 for Twitter Blue. Doja Cat’s verification has been recently removed, and she does not care. 

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Shortly after, a fan responded to one of her tweets, stating, “No blue check,” Doja tweeted, “Having a blue tick now means there’s a higher chance that you’re a complete loser and that you’re desperate for validation from famous people.”

Doja has previously expressed her displeasure with the social media platform. Late last year, she changed her account name to “Christmas,” only for Elon to immediately implement a rule banning verified accounts from changing their display names to keep them from impersonating other users. How did this rule affect Doja? Well, her display name was stuck for a while as “Christmas.”


Doja put out a voice recording where she stated, “You guys are paying $8 a month to come on here and go to war with people who are not in agreement with who your favorite pop star is. You’re paying $8 a month to come on here and say shit like ‘byeee.’ Um, you’re coming on here for $8 a month to post porn and then get into an argument. I think I can stop there. Ok, cool. Bye.”

The pop star isn’t the only star who has spoken against the “new Twitter.” Seth Rogan said, “I won’t be using it”; Lebron James said, “Welp guess my blue [check] will be gone soon cause if you know me I ain’t paying the 5”; Chrissy Teigen sarcastically tweeted, “going to bed tonight with my checkmark husband, knowing it will all be over by morning,” Implying they won’t be paying to keep their checkmarks, either. Even NFL Star Darius Slay said, “they can have my blue check”.

To maintain a blue check, users must pay for Twitter Blue, a subscription service that costs $8 per month or $84 per year.