Lil Durk is letting everyone into the closed-off realm of investing in music rights thanks to an exclusive relationship with Exceed Talent Capital. Starting with his upcoming new song “Bedtime” starring Doodie Lo, Lil Durk is enabling fans to own shares of songs from his OTF label. On the OTF webstore via the Exceed app, fans can purchase shares in future music revenues produced from the song. Everyone may invest in music rights thanks to Lil Durk’s mission.

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A percentage of “Bedtime” revenues will be given to Lil Durk’s Neighborhood Heroes Foundation, which supports impoverished areas across the country, as a way to honor the collaboration between OTF and Exceed. Instead of a one-time payment, Neighborhood Heroes will be the legal owner of a share of the song, a musical asset that will perpetually generate royalties.

“Where I’m from, few own anything, so I’m always looking for ways to give back to my people,” shares Lil Durk. “Exceed makes it possible for my fans and community to become part of our team and share in the success of OTF with me and my artists.” 


Investment funds find music rights to be a very appealing asset class, but when private money spends billions acquiring the most renowned music, the people who create and shape culture are left out. Exceed intends to change that by giving fans the opportunity to directly support artists and acquire their favorite songs. Reg A+ securities of music are offered by Exceed, an SEC-compliant trading platform, and can be purchased, sold, and used to generate income.

Exceed President, Anthony Martini, adds, “Streams, follows, and likes are all pretty passive, but when you actually own a slice of the music, you become part of the story and can share in its success. That’s the ultimate engagement.” 

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