The boom of the Brazilian Butt Lift, or BBL, has been a hot topic in recent years as obtaining a round-hippy bottom has become more popular. Back in 2012, I wrote a featured story for The Source Magazine–Issue #252 titled ‘The Bottom Line’ where I investigated the rise of the silicon injection phase. Now 11-years later we have witnessed the long-term results from women who have had to remove their injections. 

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But, in recent months, there appears to have been a shift where several of these butt-enhancement trends are being denounced and some labeled dangerous. A popular topic on social media has been ‘who’ has reversed their procedures. Some of the Kardashians have been hush about specific surgeries while celebrities, such as R&B singer K Michelle and recently Blac Chyna, have also exposed the dangers of these procedures.

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Angela White fka Blac Chyna

Many influencers who once flaunted gargantuan booties are now sharing their journeys about botched surgeries and more. Winter from the Bad Girls Club showed her ‘Dorito’ shaped bottom and showed the horrific recovery process to remove. Blac Chyna recently dissolved the fillers in her face saying she was ‘tired of the look’. Now known as Angela White, the influencer revealed that her bottom would get hot and she would get sick from the silicon. Rapper Dream Doll who boasted about her ‘plastic’ body also shared her removal journey and opened up about going back and forth to the surgeon. She said, ‘it hurt and the pain made her want it out and she’s gone back 4 times to remove it’. Bad Girls Club Meghan James also explained how peer pressure encouraged her changes during her time on BasketBall Wives.


Do you think the trend will soon come to an end?

Watch the video below.