We all marveled over Keke Palmer as Akeelah and the Bee and have witnessed her growth. The actress has become a force to reckon with in Hollywood since the early 2000s.

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So, when she announced that she was having her first child on Saturday Night Live in 2022, it seemed like all of us welcomed the birth of our new little cousin.

Now, the multi-talented Virgo has it all: a healthy relationship, a beautiful baby, and even credits her baby with clearing her acne. Now she’s busting out on the gram boasting her new voluptuous body.

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The former talk show host took to Instagram to show off her new natural curves, courtesy of her fitness instructor and her new son Leodis Andrellton Jackson,

She captioned the post: “Hips? NEVER HAD EM’! Boobs? Never had em’! Booty? BARELY. Thanks son.”

In a video, she says, “Last time I spoke to y’all. I was letting you know that my son cleared my skin up. Skin is still skinning!”

Adding, “And now I’m about to let y’all know that he gave me something else: Body down! Get into it … Get into it …because period period period period period period!”

Watch the clip below.