Trae tha Truth always gives back to his community.  He never fails to involve himself in local issues. This time he takes his talents past Texas.

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Last year, Alabama resident, Martha Menefield, was arrested for failing to pay a trash bill.  In November, she called authorities to take her into custody as she believed she had already paid the $77 fine. Menefield was charged with failure to pay solid waste fees.  A month later, the Houston rapper shared the confusing situation on Instagram.  Many people took to the comments to share their frustrations about the arrest.  The City responded by stating Menefield had a history of this and never responded to the citation to appear in court.  Menefield remains that she never received a citation.

Trae took it upon himself to visit the Alabama resident and take her shopping.  Months later and Trae is still helping Menefield out.  He combined with BEL furniture in Alabama to provide her with beds, sofas, chairs, and dressers.  The next thing on his list is to solve Menefield’s heating and air conditioning problem, as she has neither.  He also plans to fix the foundation in her home and purchase her a vehicle.