Snoop Dogg has proven time and time again that he can do it all. The 51-year-old has his eyes set on making a cameo on Coronation Street. Coronation Street is a United Kingdom soap opera that has been running since the 1960s. It is the world’s longest-running TV soap opera.

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The “Gin & Juice” rapper spoke with The Sun about his love for the show. “Coronation Street, I love it. If they call me, I’ll do it. I’ll play whenever they need,” Snoop said.

He went on to say he enjoys everything about the show.


“I love the cinematography, acting, the storylines, and just the reality.”

One actress on the show would undoubtedly love to have him on board. Elle Mulvaney, who plays Amy Barlow in the soap, tells ITV studios how she feels about a Snoop Dogg cameo. “We really want that like, imagine. Get him in the Barlow’s or the Rovers,” she said.

Snoop has always loved the UK culture and the royal family. While accused of murder in 1993, the Long Beach rapper was banned from touring in the UK. Fortunately, Queen Elizabeth’s grandchildren were big fans of Snoop and allowed him to perform there. She felt that he did nothing wrong in Britain. Snoop Dogg has always remembered this and even offered to perform at King Charles III’s coronation.

A-list celebrities such as Elton John, Adele, Harry Styles, and the Spice Girls have all been asked to perform at the prestigious event. Unfortunately, all artists were busy, so Snoop offered to step in.

The “Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang” rapper has also done a deal with London-based company, Roobet.  Roobet is a crypto casino they have partnered with Snoop Dogg for a new game titled, Hotbox.