After all these years, Usher still has that effect on the ladies.  A lucky fan got to go on stage during his Las Vegas residency.  The Confessions singer fed the woman strawberries, and she fed him as well.  Many people caught it on camera, which set social media afire.  Of course, there were jokes and many women wished it was them.

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Usher’s shows at his residency have been something to see.  Whether he is hitting his dance moves or singing while on rollerskates, it seems like the show is a must-see.  Recently, Queen Latifah attended one of his shows; it just happened to be her birthday.  He interrupted his show to pay homage to the “Unity” rapper and give her her flowers, literally.

Usher’s performances continue to inspire young artists today.  Rapper Lil Dicky was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he told the host that he remembers seeing Usher in concert.


”I see this man on stage, and I remember weeping watching him, as he would strip down into his underwear when I get shows, because of Usher.”

The “Freaky Friday” rapper also revealed that Usher would appear in season 3 of his sitcom, Dave.  

After all these years, the “My Way” singer still has an impact.