Tyga is the latest rapper to divulge who is the all-time greatest rapper in Hip Hop. The “Make It Nasty” rapper believes there are a bunch of categories you must have a hit to be considered the greatest. Besides being lyrical, Tyga feels the greatest rapper should have an immense impact on the culture and be able to tap into the emotions of themselves and the fans.

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Last year, the California rapper sat down with Complex, and they asked him who he considers the GOAT of hip hop. Tyga responded with his two favorite rappers, Eminem and Lil Wayne.

“I’m gonna have to go with prime [Lil] Wayne and prime Eminem for me. I think those are my two favorite rappers, for sure.”


His response hasn’t changed this year, either. He took to Twitter to explain why he chose the “No Love” rappers as the greatest.

“Lil Wayne & Eminem are the best rappers of all time! Lyrical word play, delivery, flow, pockets, originality, raw, intentional, clarity, generational influence”

Tyga used to be signed to Lil Wayne and Young Money before signing to GOOD Music. They were on a few hit songs together, such as  “Faded,” “Loyalty,” and “Loyal.” Tyga has yet to make music with Eminem despite his relationship with Wayne.