The beef between Atlanta-based crews YFN and YSL goes back almost a decade to 2015 when Donovan “Big Nut” Thomas was killed in a drive-by shooting. This rift has caused almost 50 untimely deaths, and indictments handed down to both Young Thug and YFN Lucci, with both sides behind bars during the infamous YSL RICO trial. Now, the beef has spilled over into prison.

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Footage has surfaced online of an inmate who’s an alleged affiliate of YFN beating a YSL member while he was tied to a facility toilet. The victim’s mouth was covered, and could be seen screaming in pain after every hit. In the end, it appears that the YFN member tried to peel off the YSL member’s crew tattoo with a razor. The entire incident was recorded by the assailant.