Meek Mill continues to do the work in his community.  This past weekend, the Championships rapper hosted a Community Day of Action. The Community Day of Action serves as a means to help former felons be active in society.  The one-day event included many things. This includes mental health services, employment opportunities, expungement services, and housing assistance.

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The day was not only for ex-convicts but also open to the public. There was music, food, and activities for everyone. This is an important day that is a part of Second Chance Month. On March 31st, in which President Joe Biden recently named April Second Chance Month.  Second Chance Month is dedicated to helping people who were affected by the judicial system. Philadelphia council member Katherine Gilmore-Richardson believes in the importance of engagement.

“It’s important that we engage the population in our city. most importantly that we engage our reformed population so they know they have an opportunity and there’s a better chance out there next time.”

This isn’t the first time Meek Mill & the REFORM alliance have done an event. A few months ago, the organization went to Virginia State University to discuss Criminal Justice.  REFORM has plans to continue to travel to spread the news.