Legendary R&B singer Monica does not have time for nonsense while performing.  In the middle of her set, she stopped to address the fight in the crowd. 

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The “Everything To Me” singer is on her R&B experience tour, which had a stop in Washington, D.C.  Monica was confused about why the fight was going on because she was singing a love ballad at the time.

“Wait a minute!  I’m singing a love song.  I ain’t singing ‘Knuck If You Buck’ baby, calm that s*** down.  Somebody take her and get a drink on me!  Calm down.  They f****** you up, baby?  Me too, join the club.  Take it on out of here.”

– Monica

Security escorted both parties out of the concert, and Monica performed her hit “So Gone” to celebrate them leaving.  Video circulated on social media as many people took to the comments to share their opinion.